Why It is Okay To Be A Tired Pastor


Being Tired Is Normal

As I sit down with a cup of tea in my hand after ten hours of serious toil on this Sunday, I know one thing for sure: I am feeling tired. I am pondering on the question: is it right for a pastor to be tired?

The pastoral ministry can be very taxing for pastors. Both emotionally and physically. After all, we, pastors, are human too. Our energies can be sucked out by the heavy demands of the pastoral ministry. We can get weary.

But that is not to say that ministry is without joy. No, it’s a privilege and joy to be a pastor. It’s pleasurable to tend Christ’s flock and feed them with his precious word.

But does this mean that pastors never get tired? Of course not, we are humans and all humans are made to rest. Think about sleep, every human needs sleep which is a daily reminder of our dependency and weakness. From time to time, I am pleased to remind myself that God has appointed his Saviour and it’s not me. So It is okay to be exhausted.

But Being Tired Has Many Blessings

Nonetheless, being weary has great advantages for the pastoral ministry. For instance, when we are drained, we come face to face with the reality of our severe limitations. Our inabilities stare us in the face. They tell us that we are weak and insufficient.

These limitations and inabilities are helpful because they point us to the fountain of grace, Jesus Christ. They help us to depend on God’s grace. Salvation belongs to Christ and he is the bridegroom of the church. He is the one who is at work in his church. He is the main actor in the drama of salvation. Not us.

As for us, we get tired easily. But I thank God that the salvation of our people depends not on any human effort but on the mercy of the Triune God. And because ultimately the salvation is God’s work, not mine, it is okay to be human and be tired.

So also, being tired compels us to fall on our knees and plead for our people before God. To acknowledge our inability and give glory to God for his miracle of salvation. His miracle of working through weak vessels who get tired very easily.

Praise be to God!

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