Book Review: Priscilla

Any careful reader of the New Testament would have noticed that Priscilla is one of the important figures in the early church. Her name is scattered throughout the NT writings especially amongst Pauline corpus.

But who is she? Do we know anything else about her? Many of us know her as the spouse of Aquila, Paul’s fellow-worker, or the woman who with her husband explained the essential elements of the faith to Apollos. But does this do justice to her whole story? Is there more that we might know, if so, what?

Ben Witherington takes on this challenge head-on to fill the gaps in the story of Priscilla by marrying excellent scholarship with imaginative storytelling. Witherington is known for his insight into the NT world. Thus, he is uniquely qualified for this task.

This work, Priscilla, is a historical fiction. In it, Priscilla looks back over her life and calls to mind the times of infancy of church. Through her flashbacks, we see her journeying to Ephesus, Corinth, and Rome. Moreover, she narrates to us her story of partnership with St Paul.

This storytelling genre makes the NT world come alive to modern readers. Reading this book is like watching a beautiful documentary that gently guides us and speaks to us on gut level. This book creatively and cleverly teaches history, cultural phenomenons, structures of society and the early church in an unconventional form of storytelling.

Readers will greatly benefit from vivid storytelling that is mixed with excellent scholarship

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