Book Review: Grace Defined and Defended

Grace is gloriously confusing. There is no question in my mind that grace is one of the most misunderstood concept of our faith. Most misunderstood yet most meaty and profound concept.

Grace defined and defended shines piercing clarity on this often perplexing topic. In this book , Kevin Deyoung expounds on sin, salvation and the sovereignty of God. He does this by giving us a theological tour of an ancient yet profound document called Canons of Dort. Deyoung masterfully uses this historically significant document to articulate, access and apply the doctrine of grace to the modern church. It helps the readers to understand the background as well as underscores what really is on stake. Having read this book, you’ll be encouraged in your walk with God.

This book is written in easy to understand language. Theological/philosophical jargon is kept to a minimum. Consequently, one doesn’t have to be a qualified theologian to read this book. That is to say, this book is for anyone who wants to grow deep in their understanding of grace and glory of God.

I thank Crossway for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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