Book Review: A Pastoral Rule for Today

As a pastor, I sometimes ask myself, what am I ‘really’ called to do? I do all sorts of things but what is the essence of my ministry? What defines my ministry?

We pastors wear many different hats everyday. We are administrators, graphic designers, social media coordinators, printing machine troubleshooters, property managers, social workers, hospital/school chaplains, professional comforters, preachers and so on.

But if we are everything, then what are we really? Because of such diversity of tasks, our view of ministry can become blurry and muddy. We can lose the sight of the crux of our glorious call. We can ask ourselves ‘Well, what am I meant to be doing’?

If you are asking these or similar questions, this book is a gem! Like an excellent tour guide, this book takes us on a journey to the ancient history. It gently guides us through ancient ways to pastoral ministry and on the way, it helps us to uncover and glean wisdom from ancient pastoral rules. The hope is that as we look at these ancient pastoral rules, we will come to see their true value in our contemporary world.

This book builds on the lives and work of figures such as Augustine, Calvin, Wesley, and Bonhoeffer and using their insights, offers a contemporary rule for today that is momentously advantageous for pastors.

This books needs to be read and re-read!

I thank InterVarsity Press for providing me with an advance copy.

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